Your hair Is only as good as the products you use...


At Hot Air, we work with only the best in the business, and today there’s a few key names that stand out from the crowd. Not only do we ensure to use these show-stopping products when you pop into us for a blow dry, you’ve also got the luxury of purchasing from the same product list so that you can continue your top notch styling - not to mention indulgent weekly treatments - at home.


Kevin Murphy - The Building Blocks of Great Hair

Yes, we adore these products for their chic packaging, but it’s what inside that counts. Kevin Murphy products - with exceptionally high naturally quality - have become increasingly popular among some of the world’s leading stylists, revered for its ‘skin care for your hair’ philosophy. For blondes, we particularly adore his Blonde Angel - a colour enhancing treatment that does away with brassiness while softening and moisturising bleached hair. For at home use, apply this all over and leave for at least one minute before rinsing off.                    

Moroccan Oil

Another collection of haircare products that no woman should ever be without is Moroccan Oil, the co-founder of which - Carmen Tal - was miles from home travelling when, after a routine colour service gone awry, she experienced the powerful Moroccan oil treatment. As she witnessed the transformation of her hair; instantly revitalised, going from damaged to shiny, smooth and manageable, she began a quest to share the magic of this Argan oil hair treatment with women across the globe. With an award-winning formula infused with Argan oil - the holy grail of hair care - this collection of products creates long-lasting smoothness, boosts shine, speeds up blow-dry time and increases manageability. It’s a hero.



Olaplex is another groundbreaking treatment changing the lives of those with heavily coloured hair. A three-step process, the first two must be applied in salon, while the third sees you take your hair care into your own hands. Olaplex has been celebrated the world over for its game-changing ability to not only limit the damage that extensive bleaching can do to your hair, but actually strengthen it in the process. The first treatment - a bond multiplier - goes on pre bleaching, or it can be used as a stand alone treatment. The second goes on for about twenty minutes post chemical colouring (allowing the bonds in your hair to repair and strengthen) while the third treatment (The Hair Perfector) keeps your hair in tip top condition on an ongoing basis. With Olaplex, the idea of going from black to blonde in one fell swoop is no longer a massive stretch of the imagination. 

Other exceptional brands available at Hot Air include the inimitable Nioxin for thinning hair, John Frieda’s Colour Wow that banishes your dreaded roots in between colouring and Neom, a gorgeous lifestyle brand dedicated to overall wellbeing.

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