HotAir's creative director on everything you need to know for the perfect blow-dry


Hair stylist Aoife Collins has worked on various Brown Thomas fashion shows, Operation Transformation, all five series of The Voice of Ireland. In 2016, she adds another string to her ever growing bow, having taken on the role as the new creative director at OSLO’s Hot Air, the blow dry bar to beat all blow dry bars. Here, she talks trends, tips and her favourite go-to products for flawless locks.


What are the most popular blow dry trends for Christmas 2016?

We have taken inspiration from seven of the coolest cities all over the world; London, LA, New York, Paris, Havana, Milan and Stockholm! From these seven fabulous looks, it seems to be a toss up between Milan and London. Milan would be a bouncy, curly blow dry, but finished with a more textured, sexy vibe while London would be a softer, wavy blow dry, and has an effortless, relaxed feel.


Sulphates in our shampoo; a definite no-no?

It is so important that we educate ourselves about what exactly we are exposing ourselves to when it comes to our beauty regime, as we may be doing more harm than good! Sulphates are cheap and abrasive cleansers that are added to various shampoos, shower gels etc to create a thick lather that harshly strips away moisture from the hair. Over time, sulphates weaken the hair structure, making it more prone to breakage. At Hot Air, all of our Kevin Murphy shampoos are sulphate free, cruelty-free and packed full of beautiful essential oils, herbs and botanicals, meaning you enjoy a fabulous aromatherapy treatment during your shampoo!


The Benefits of sulphate free shampoo?

- Reduces scalp inflammation and sensitivity

- Prevents scalp from absorbing harmful chemicals

- Increases moisture retention in the hair, therefore prolonging your colour. Retained moisture means a bouncier, fuller, blow dry that lasts even longer!

- If you have hair extensions, sulphate free shampoo is essential as the sulphates break down and dissolve the bonds.



How often should we be treating ourselves to a salon treatment?

Ideally you should be treating your hair to a moisture treatment once a week to maintain the condition of healthy hair. If your hair has seen better days due to colour or heat styling, you would be in need of a protein treatment. We have gorgeous moisture and protein treatments available in salon from Moroccan Oil at only €20! We also have the very popular Olaplex made famous by the Kardashians. Kevin Murphy has a fabulous range of masques available at €20, and more intensive, customised treatments for €30.

The essential blow dry tools?

Every woman needs a good hair dryer! Cheaper ones can become too hot, causing damage to the hair. Our hair dryers have come all the way from Sweden and are cutting edge. You also need the right products to achieve your desired look. If you have fine hair and want a full bouncy blow dry, you would need a volumising spray or mousse to give your hair some oomph! Kevin Murphy's Anti Gravity spray and Body Builder are a firm favourite with our stylists. For thicker, unruly hair you would need some moisturising products such as an authentic, quality oil like Moroccan Oil, or the Smoothing Cream from Moroccan Oil to help tame your hair.

And of course you need good brushes that won't pull on the hair, causing breakage. We only use Moroccan Oil brushes, which have the original argan oil infused into the ceramic barrel of the brush, giving heat protection, smoothness and shine. We have the brushes available to buy in salon too, so we've got you covered!


What makes Hot Air special?

Hot Air is like no other salon I've seen! The design and interior alone is so beautiful and bright! The area you have your hair washed is in the back and is private and peaceful. We have a gorgeous space to work in, inspired by a glamorous Hollywood dressing room! But what I really think makes Hot Air so special is the team we have. I can't believe how lucky we are to have such a motivated, enthusiastic team that really cares. Everyone skips in the door every day and really enjoys their guests. There are no egos here, which is so common in other salons. We all look after each other and our guests especially. It's been so much fun already, I feel very grateful for the opportunity to work with them all!


And you’re open to suit even the most hectic of schedules?

Our opening hours are based around our guests, so we open at 8am and close at 7pm Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we open from 7am and close at 9pm. So we are always here for the blow dry for the early important meeting, or the after work event.


How nice is it to have a client leave with hair that they feel really good about?

It's so nice to see a guest with a smile on their face when you reveal the final result. That's what it's all about really. I became a stylist because you can really make a positive difference to a person when they have the right hair. Guests come to Hot Air because they are looking for a five star service, the best blow dry in Dublin!


What’s this we hear of a monthly offer?

We have a monthly membership deal at Hot Air. This includes four blow drys (immediately saving €16), one treatment  (worth up to €35), and an additional €5 discount on any further blow drys booked during the month of your membership! Such great value!